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Ep. 53: Paul Trammell Reads Becoming a Sailor A Singlehand Sailing Adventure; Sailing Kittiwake Questions if Vlogging is a Goldmine; Another Rescue and Dismasting in the Golden Globe Race

October 26, 2018

In this episode, we feature Paul Trammell reading chapter 1 of Becoming a Sailor, A Singlehand Sailing Adventure. Linus Wilson talks about the latest dismasting (number four) of the solo-nonstop 2018 Golden Globe Race of French sailor Loic Lepage's yacht. Elana from Sailing Kittiwake reads her blog "Cruising Stories: Kittiwake on Having a YouTube Channel".

Becoming a Sailor, A Singlehand Sailing Adventure talks about Trammell's purchase and upgrades to Sobrius, a 1972 Dufour Arpege and his single-handed sailing around Florida and the Bahamas. Trammell plans to release his second book of his sailing adventures Journey to the Ragged Islands before Christmas 2018. Becoming a Sailor, A Singlehand Sailing Adventure is available on Amazon and Kobo:

Sailing Kittiwake is sailing the Med and making awesome vlogs on YouTube. Check out their channel at

The blog Elana reads is at

My study on how much YouTube vloggers really make is 

Wilson, Linus, A Little Bit of Money Goes a Long Way: Crowdfunding on Patreon by YouTube Sailing Channels (February 17, 2017). Available at SSRN: or


This study finds that YouTube channels crowdfunding on Patreon have more frequent video creation. The median YouTube channel that crowdfunded on Patreon produced a video every 7.5 days compared to 105 days for the median comparable channel that did not link to Patreon. Crowdfunders have more views per video, are more likely to link to their Facebook pages, and uploaded videos more frequently. While two channels in the sample, each earned over $150,000 in 2016 from Patreon, the typical crowdfunding sailing channel earned $73 per video, per month, or creation. It appears that a little bit of money was associated with a big increase in new video production.

I talked about the study in this video:

I also talked about the devastation to Panama City Marina in the following video:

"Sailboats WRECKED by Hurricane Michael in Panama City Marinas"

Category 4, 155 mph, Hurricane Micheal made landfall on October 10, 2018, in Mexico Beach, Florida. It devastated the marinas, boats, and sailboats in Panama City, Florida. You'll see the rescue of the crew of the sailing vessel Old School abandoned in 8-foot seas near Boca Grande, Florida, as the yacht was experiencing the outer bands of a major hurricane.

Photos by Kip and Stacie Snell of Panama City Municipal Marina were reproduced with their permission.
Stacie Snell does great portrait and wedding photography at
They lost their boat in the Panama City Municipal Marina in Hurricane Michael.

Sailing La Vagabonde recently asserted boaters have lots of advance warning to get out the way of Hurricane. The experience of Hurricane Michael disputes that claim in
"Why we Chose to Sail during Hurricane Season! (Hurricane Gordon & Florence)" at

Some recent blogs and videos about the GGR are

The only woman in the race Susie Goodhall is still hanging in there!


Something happened that I never suspected. The blog surpassed the podcast this year in terms of views v. downloads. The blog at has 152K views with 234 posts. The Slow Boat Sailing Podcast has 118K downloads in 52 podcasts. The Slow Boat Sailing YouTube channel has 902K views from 100 public videos. I always expected the YouTube channel to have the greatest growth potential, but I never thought that blog could surpass the podcast. The blog was started as an afterthought, and its traffic was always low until the YouTube channel and thus the blog started focusing on news of interest to cruising sailors in September 2017.

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