Ep. 32: SY Zero Loses Its Rudder and Sailing to Hiva Oa Interview by Linus Wilson

March 10, 2017

Christian from the SY Zero YouTube channel and blog talks about doing the north Pacific circle from Mexico, to Hawaii, to Alaska, sailing the inside passage, and back to San Diego California. He talks about how he survived a busted rudder and used sails and motor to get back to port under his own power. 


Our "On the AIS Segment" guest is the creator of the Adventuresare life (Sailing Windfall) YouTube channel who sails with her previously estranged father on the Great Loop. 

The host Linus Wilson talks about the sailing in the 3,500 nautical mile passage from La Libertad, Ecuador to Hiva Oa in French Polynesia's Marquesas Islands. He talks about sailing wing and wing and the different sail combinations he used to sail dead downwind for most of the passage. 

We came out with some great new videos on the Slow Boat Sailing YouTube channel that have been well recieved since last episode. Check out our "How to Transit the Panama Canal" video, which features Janna and Sophie for the first time since episode 1:


Further, you can get the full VIDEO interview with sailing SV Delos of which part will make up episode 33 of the Slow Boat Sailing Podcast in April. You can watch it now at


Finally, Linus summarizies the findings of his latest study that finds YouTube sailing channels that use Patreon make a video a week vs. a video every three to four months for sailing channels not on Patreon. Unlike the popular perception that Patreon supports the sailors, it only typically pays less than $80 per video and does not cover the cost of video production. You can see the video about that study at 


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